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There is no question--to genuinely help your family or business Plan for Good, our approach must be different.  Our goal is not simply to execute transactions with you, but to empower you to succeed at what matters most to you.  That means listening to you and talking about more than money--understanding that the most important goals are rarely expressed in dollars. 

We use The Living Balance Sheet® (LBS) to help guide each conversation.  More than technology, LBS is a different way of thinking about money. We don't guess about unknowable results that are yet decades in the future, but focus on what we can control today so that tomorrow's results are as optimal as they could have been.  LBS organizes your finances in a way that they have likely never been before so that you can see things from a wide angle view--a financial MRI of sorts, enabling you to understand how it all fits together and where improvements can be made. 

Full protection in the areas of greatest risk to assets and cash flow.  Empowering you to become a world-class saver.  Becoming highly liquid to meet each of life's challenges and seize its opportunities.  Paying off debt and keeping it that way.  These are the principles that bring clarity, freedom, and optimal results.  The LBS process is about moving past what is simply good in order to discover what is best.  Optimal results for your business or family are possible through LBS's emphasis on financial balance and its focus on making wise decisions today instead of guessing about tomorrow.

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